FYI .... the Cafe did close in March, I retired.

Back from Oaxaca ... "mi corazón está en Oaxaca".
Not much going on since my return, just working on my house and getting ready for winter.
Doing a few Private Chef gigs, always nice to cook for a group in their own digs.
Since no noteworthy news has happened, I am putting up some of my favorite dishes prepared and served at the cafe.

Duck Prosciutto 

AntiPasti Rolls

Camote Samosa

 Bolsa de Jamón

Umami Pasta

  Umami Pork Chop

 Asian Steak Salad

 Pasta Carbonara

Salmon with Vegetable Rice Noodles

Vegan Rice Noodle Salad

 Beef Tenderloin with Crema & Mole

 Oaxacan & White Chocolate with Kiwi Berries
and Raspberries

Just a heads-up ... I am  on Face Book again ...
using a SF nickname and my Great GrandFathers given name ... Urbano Pallotta.
Old account was cloned, so I had to shut 'em down.

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 ??  WHERE'S the CREW  ??
Katie is @ The Buckhorn and Vicky's
Jeff is @ Bear Mtn. Lodge
Sutton is making candy in Bayard