Welcome to page "Studio 1zero6"
It has been a year now since I retired and closed the cafe. I am keeping the page up and have renamed it. Creativity is born in my studio, and this page will be about creativity. Be it food, art, personal adornment or photography, it is what I do.
 It is what I have always done in my life. 
Gotta stay creative.

Starting the page will be what I have been up to ... creating jewelry.
If you knew the cafe, you know I liked presenting visual stimulation and mood, without being slick and shiny.
I have always enjoyed cultures that find ways to enhance their appearance with body adornment and decided to put together a collection of necklaces that span the world with items from the past, gem stones, hand-made beads, repurposed bits and pieces of vintage jewelry. In the process I have made many new friends across the world who have shared sources and cultures.
I do not do duplicate work, each piece is unique and personal.

After purchase, if needed, some pieces can be altered for "fit".
Small fee will be charged.

Many images of the necklaces are shown with multiples, I like the way it looks, so ...

~ Coral ~
I am using coral from the Red Sea (Bamboo), Pacific Ocean and Sponge coral from Sardinia and Australia. One of the oldest gemstones, it is treasured in Italy, Nepal, American SW and the Ukraine. Offered below is coral alone and mixed with other gemstones and beads.
~ Lava ~
Lava beads from Hawaii and Indonesia
~ Silver ~
I am using multiple silvers in the jewelry. Sterling, German/coin and glit from Afghanistan.
~ Brass ~
Brass beads and charms are from Afghanistan and India.
~ Turquoise ~
The majority of turquoise used is from Sonora, Mexico, along with Tibet and Nevada.
~ Copal ~
Tree resin beads from Africa, both natural and mixed with artificial resin. Most people know copal as an incense, especially in Mexico for Dia de Los Muertos.

Contact can be made via email or Face Book.
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Below are my creations from the last few months.

~ Click on image to enlarge ~


Outer necklace ~ Rondelle's of coral, Lapis Lazuli, onyx, Nevada turquoise and denim Lapis rounds. Center pendant is a silver Berber pomegranate blossom, Kuchi tribe glit charms from Afghanistan's Ghilji tribal confederacy, and coin silver beads from Ethiopia. Finished with brass beads, lobster clasp, and extender chain. 24" long - minus extender.
$149 - SOLD
Inner necklace ~  Old vintage coral chunk beads from Yemen adorned with coin silver beads from Ethiopia. Finished with jet beads and silver toggle. 24.5" long.


Outer necklace ~ Vintage Berber hand made German silver beads strung with tiny bench made silver beads and tiny coral rondelle's. Finished with jet beads and silver toggle. 27.5" long.
Center Necklace ~  Bamboo coral flat beads with Sonoran turquoise (Campito mine), onyx, black lava beads and red copal bead. Finished with Tibetan cone and toggle. 24 1/4" long.
Inner Necklace ~ Graduated Native American bench made hand stamped silver beads with very tiny silver beads. Finished with silver lobster clasp.  21 1/4' long with 3" extender finished in silver beads.

Outer necklace ~ Vintage (60 yr. old) Masai glass beads, red coral beads and very old Kuchi bailed Afghani silver coins. Finished with silver beads and toggle. 26 1/4" long.  
Inner necklace ~ Graduated blue magnesite beads with coral, natural Copal beads and hand made, beautifully carved and stamped Berber silver beads. The long hollow beads would contain an excerpt from the Koran. Finished with brass beads and toggle. 
26 1/4" long. 

Outer necklace ~ Three assorted coral beads with Native American hand stamped bench made beads. Finished with barrel bead and Greek fish and hook clasp. 25.5" long.
Inner necklace ~ Beautiful Mediterranean coral beads with the tiniest silver beads and anchored with three Native American bench made silver beads. Finished with silver beads, circle clasp and 3" extender with coral and silver. 24" long.

Outer necklace ~ Black lava beads with red coral beads, black copal and engraved brass beads tapering to brass beads to finish with a engraved brass lobster clasp. 25" long.
Inner necklace ~ Hand stamped Native American bench made silver beads finished with lobster clasp. 21 1/4" long.

 Outer necklace ~ Cast brass beads with blue Magnesite, coral and custom brass Indian charms. Finished with engraved brass lobster clasp. 25.5" long.
Center necklace ~ Vintage Nepalese red glass beads, Tibetan powder coral beads, Nevada turquoise and Lapis Lazuli finished with hand stamped Native American silver beads, Tibetan cone bead and toggle. 27.5" long.
Inner necklace ~ Nevada and Sonoran turquoise with coral, Copal and hand made Berber coin silver beads. Finished with toggle. 25.5" long.

 Outer necklace ~ Ethiopian brass charms and pendant with coral, hand made fluted brass beads, Copal and black lava, brass spacers finished with brass tail and charm. 24 3/4" long.
$83 - SOLD
Inner necklace ~ Picasso jasper, onyx, Lapis Lazuli and Nevada turquoise with hand made Berber silver beads. Finished with silver beads and toggle. 22 3/4" long.

Outer necklace ~ Triple strands of African glass beads with scattered Navajo Pearl silver beads. Finished with Tibetan cone beads and toggle. 28" long.
Center necklace ~ Vintage Nepalese powder glass beads, Native American silver hand stamped beads, Spiny Oyster and repurposed vintage turquoise Jacla. Finished with silver beads and toggle. 
 23.5" long.
Inner necklace ~ Mediterranean coral stem beads with Nevada turquoise button beads finished with silver lobster clasp. 24" long.

Outer necklace ~ Vintage Venetian "Sea Foam" glass button beads, Sonoran turquoise, bamboo coral and Berber silver hand made beads anchored with an old vintage Tibetan turquoise pendant overlaid with Tibetan silver and a cabochon of coral that is reversible. Finished with a toggle. 25 3/4" long.
Inner necklace ~ Sonoran turquoise, bamboo coral, and black lava beads finished with toggle. 24.5" long.

I will be setting up Square for credit card use ... if purchase is not made in person with credit card, there will be a fee (that I pay) to manually take and enter card info for processing. 

I am not doing "Pop-Ups" in the near future. 
I am doing Private Chef gigs instead, it is better with small private groups, more personal.

I am garnering info to start "Culinary & Culture Adventures" in Oaxaca and the surrounding villages.
Small select groups of people who are eager to 'be a local' ... 

So, stay tuned ... change is on the way. 

Just a heads-up ... I am  on FaceBook again ...
Urbano Pallotta.
Old account was cloned, so I had to shut 'em down.

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