Welcome to  Studio 1zero6.

It has been a couple of years now since I retired and closed the cafe. I am keeping the page up and have renamed it.  Be it food, art, personal adornment or photography, it is what I do.
 It is what I have always done in my life. 
Gotta stay creative.

Starting the page will be what I have been up to ... making Contemporary Ethnic jewelry.
If you knew the cafe, you know I liked presenting visual stimulation and mood. I have always enjoyed cultures that find ways to enhance their appearance with body adornment and decided to create collections of necklaces that span the world with items from the past, gem stones, hand-made beads, repurposed bits and pieces of "wounded" vintage jewelry.
A couple of times a year, I indulge my creativity by making a "collection".
I do not do duplicate work, each piece is unique and personal.
Keep in mind, this is a hobby, not an "online store" with unlimited inventory. 

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For info and payment - jake.1zero6@gmail.com
Antique Berber coral, vintage Baltic Butterscotch Amber and handmade silver beads.
 Necklace -  n/a  
Earrings with antique Berber coral and vintage Turquoise. - $75

Spiny oyster, vintage Turquoise discs and mirror polished Onyx.
Hand shaped tree resin with sand-cast brass beads on leather.
Pencil cut coral, old coins and vintage silver Berber and antique Kuchi corner-less beads.

Afghan Lapis, Mali silver bicone beads and vintage Berber silver beads.

Antique Turkman/Baluch hair bead, vintage Kuchi coins, vintage Mali silver bicone beads with Afghan Lapis cubes & beads and Dragon Vein agate beads.

Vintage Moroccan beads, Afghan Lapis center bead and cubes with Demin Lapis beads.

Vintage Turkman/Baluch hair bead with 
antique Kuchi corner-less silver beads on leather.

"Chillin' in Oaxaca"

  Just got back from another jaunt to Oaxaca ... man, I love that city.  Oaxaca is one of a kind. I know several folks who are headed there soon, for the first time and I thought a few highlights would be helpful ... and to those not going down to Oaxaca ... it's something to think about.

Oaxaca is not like any other place in Mexico, it is a big city and yet, you feel comfortable and at home here. The mix of modern Mexico and the Zapotec culture go hand-in-hand. There is an amazing variety of things to do whilst visiting there. From the outer villages to just chillin' on the Zocalo (the latter being my main goal) ... and of course, eating!
When in Oaxaca, investigate the varieties of Mezcal ... Oaxaca is famous for the distilled spirit. After an exhaustive sampling, my personal favorite is Beneva Blanco. It is clear, smooth and tasty. If you are lucky, it will be served in the traditional glass. At first you think, a votive candle holder, but, it is traditional.

 I always head to the Zocalo on my first night, just to re-balance from traveling and kick back some Mezcal and have a Tlayuda (a large special tortilla topped with a variety of tasty bits) with the traditional topping of asiento (unrefined pork fat) and queso fresco, with salsa Amarillo.

 This is the spot where everyone hangs out at night, many nights there are concerts, always musicians, playing for tips. A very festive feel is enjoyed by all. Two good spots on the Zocalo are Terranova for breakfast and El Jardin (for afternoon & evenings), best Mezcales and good Tlayudas, as well as Torta Cubano's. 
I always have breakfast on the Zocalo, where my longtime Amigo, Pedro works at Terranova. Go in and tell him I said "Hola" .. he'll treat you right. Good breakfast and offering up a buffet, also. Across the Zocalo, on the far left side, another El Jardin serves up a good breakfast with a very ample sized Cafe con Leche and good Huevos Rancheros. When it is chilly in the morning, this is a good spot, as it is in the morning sun.

If you are adventurous and want to get down with the locals, I recommend the "Mercado 20 de Noviembre" (right behind the Mercado Benito Juarez), this is where the locals and workers of Oaxaca eat. Yes, it is very safe and delicious. One has to remember that these folks have been feeding the people for decades and the food is top notch local cuisine. Just pull up a stool at the counter and enjoy!
After breakfast, cruise the Mercado and get an eyeful whilst looking for cool things. A word of advice, try to have smaller (100 ) paper pesos, and coin, as many vendors don't have "cambio" for the larger notes.

Grab a cab and head down to the estación de autobuses to grab a collectivo to head out to the villages. Be sure to know which bus is going where ... or just walk down a couple of blocks and there is stop where they all stop for fares. There is usually a person to help you out. Taxi's are also available for a larger fee, most of the time they will pack the cab with others going to your destination .. or, you can just hire a private cab for yourself. Villages to visit are: Mitla, Nahuatl: Place of the Dead, one of my favorite villages. 

 Mitla is the second most important archeological site in the state of Oaxaca in Mexico, and the most important of the Zapotec culture. When you are finished, just grab a collectivo or taxi heading back to Oaxaca. One important thing ... always make sure you have coin or smaller paper pesos for the collectivos. They do not always have change for larger bills.

Tlacolula in the Central Valley has a huge Mercado on Sundays. People from many villages come here for this event. Go early and plan to have lunch at Comedor Mary's. You eat what she cooked that day, and it's all fantastic. And then stroll thru the Merdado behind the restaurant.

Other villages to explore: Etla, El Tule and Santa María Atzompa ( a very important archeological site). And, of course, Santa Cruz Xoxocotlán Municipality featuring Monte Alban.

Back in town, chill on the Zocalo with a cerveza, whilst planning dinner.
Below is a list of some good places for something different, restaurants to give you a change from the cocina típica.

La Popular - excellent menu and selection of Mezcales. You must try the Camarón Al Ajillo.

Calle de Manuel García Vigil 519

El Morocco - Very cool lounge/cafe in a great neighborhood. Easy on the eyes and laid back feel. Excellent individual Pastilla and salads.
Valentín Gómez Farias 403, Ruta Independencia


Hong Kong is a great small buffet cafe with the freshest food and my favorite ... fried Sushi! Yes, fried Sushi. I always eat here a couple of times per visit. Trust me - it's good! When you're finished eating, walk across the street and hang out in Parque "El LLano" with great fountains and ancient ficus trees.
Dr. Liceaga, Ruta Independencia

Zandunga is a very cool vibe restaurant with cuisine from the Isthmus Region of the state of Oaxaca. Great Mezcal cocktails and lots of eye-candy. When you're finished, cruise down Garcia Vigil and check out the shops and the masses of people on this pedestrian only street.
Garcia Vigil 512-E Centro

La Red - Mariscos is a good, inexpensive seafood joint that is always good. Right off the Zocalo. Local dishes with fresh seafood from the coast.
Las Casas 101, Oax_Re_Benito Juarez

Regarding the Zocalo ... I tend to avoid all the upper restaurants on the Zocalo, never have been very pleased with their offerings, or prices. But, I am picky about freshness and such.

Streets to wander around on are Calle Garcia Vigil. It goes from the Zocalo up to Santo Domingo Plaza with many cool shops and ending at the Cathedral (Guzman) Plaza. Calle Macedonio Alcalá is one street over, again, with many cool shops, especially, my favorite ... La Mano Mágica.  Art in all it's forms from regional artists. For over 2.5 decades I have always found something amazing in this shop. Whilst on Alcalá, check out the recently restored Opera House
( El Teatro Macedonio Alcalá ).

Do check out the Cathedral Santo Domingo de Guzmán on Santo Domingo Plaza ... the interior is amazing. Opened in 1731. And when going back to the Zocalo, check out the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, construction started in 1535.

One very important piece of information ... if you are planning to bring back chocolate or Mole, it cannot be in carry-on luggage, only in checked-in luggage. It will be taken away.

Contact can be made via email.
 ~ Regarding Cooking ~
  Keep checking back for any "Pop-Ups" in the near future. 
I am doing Private Chef gigs, with small private groups ... for info.

Just a heads-up ... I am  on FaceBook again ...
Urbano Pallotta.
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