Even though winter is staging a sit-in ... things are sprouting in the garden, .. mint, oregano and chives. Love the first sprouts of the season!

We have added another item to our beverage list.

Good mix of dishes for the weekend, including some new dishes that I have been working on.

Friday night features our boneless beef ribs braised in Stout, Oaxacan chili and organic coffee from the Zoque in Chiapas. Also on the list that night .. a Caribbean pork curry and a chicken dish we debuted on Valentines with Italian mushroom duxelle. 

Saturday night a new "Thai-Talian" dish with shrimp and lemongrass, a fragrant yellow curry with chicken and a hearty spiced beef Pho.

Sunday night a new salmon dish with mussels and saffron. Fresh pappardelle with Salsa Bolognese and an American classic (sorry, it is not really Italian) .. chicken Parmigian.


To the menus ...

Summer Rolls
Shrimp, greens and herbs rolled in rice paper and chilled. Served with nuoc cham.
Desert Scallops
Shrimp ground with fish, ginger, chili and spice. Pan fired, steamed and served with fresh sweet chili sauce.

Oaxacan Chili Coffee Ribs
House dish of boneless beef ribs seasoned and pan fired, then braised in Lost Coast Stout, stock, Oaxacan chili, organic coffee from Chiapas, adobo and spice. Served with our potato hash and a greens salad.

Duxelle Stuffed Chicken
Chicken breast opened and flattened, hit with Crimini mushroom duxelle with pancetta and spice. Rolled and roasted. Hit with truffle infused oil and served with our garlic mascarpone mashers and a greens salad.

Porc Colombo
An interesting curry from the Caribbean with heavy Indian flavor notes and our tweek on it. Cubed pork tenderloin is pan fired and simmered in broth with peppers, sweet potatoes, fresh curry paste, cinnamon, tomatoes and other aromatic spices. Served with fresh scallion flat bread.

Dumplings of pork, chicken and ginger boiled and served with traditional sauce.
Nem Nuong
Pork loin ground with garlic, onion, ginger and mint. Mixed with nam pla and kecep manis, rolled, skewered and grilled. Served with herb chili dip.

Lemongrass Shrimp Lasagne
A little "Thai-talian" with fresh pasta sheets layered with minced shrimp, lemongrass, fresh Kaffir lime leaf and chili. Topped with intense spice paste and mozzarella, then baked. Served with a lettuce and herb salad hit with our lemongrass dressing.

Pho Bo
Killer Vietnamese noodle bowl with broth of spice, cinnamon, beef bones (meat) and star anise. Ladled over our turmeric rice noodles, sliced beef steak, fresh green herbs and sprouts.
Served with Hoisin sauce, chili and lime.

Yellow Curry Chicken
Fresh curry of lemongrass, spice, galangal, chili, belacan, turmeric root, coriander root, nam pla and palm sugar. Simmered in coconut milk with tomato and grilled spiced chicken. Finished with coriander leaf and fried shallot. Served with steamed saffron ice.

Pane Speciale all'Aglio
Italian bread halved and spread with our special garlic herb compound butter, baked and hit with fresh Pecorino Romano.
Crocchette di Polpetta
Beef ground with potato, green herbs and garlic, rolled in crumb and oil fired. Served with spicy salsa di pomodoro.

Salmone con Brodo alla Zafferano
Salmon filet seasoned and grilled. Served with grilled mussels in an aromatic saffron broth with yellow tomato, garlic and wine. Plated with grilled polenta squares and hit with green herbs.
Salad on the side.

Pappardelle Fresche con Bolognese
Fresh house made wide pasta noodle hit with THE meat sauce from Bologna of steak, pancetta, la Trinita, stock, paste, wine and a hit of cream. Finished with oregano and Pecorino Romano.
Served with a salad.

Pollo Parmigian
Chicken breast opened and flattened. Dredged in crumb and Parmigiano, then pan fired in olive oil. Layered with fresh salsa di pomodoro, green herbs and mozzarella and baked. Served with pan fired ravioli al sugo and a greens salad. 

Please read thread below .. thanks.
* We are a small cafe and we strongly recommend making a reservation. 
We strongly suggest you call and reserve your choice with your reservation, especially if your party is 4 or more ... or after 7:00, as we DO run out of popular dishes early, as other folks do reserve their choices.   All large parties (4 or more) must pre-order. I shop daily for that night only, food is not rolled over into the next days menus.
Just a helpful insider tip!

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