It was great seeing everyone at the Pop-Up.

I have stopped all posting on Face Book and will be utilizing this page for updates and posts.
Off to Oaxaca and I will be logging onto this page with posts every few days. I will be heading up to the Isthmus Region to garner info and taste the foods of that region ... it's old school.
One of my sought after tastes is Tlayuda's, which are indigenous to Oaxaca. Many varieties and as far as I am concerned, they are all good ...

either folded or flat.

One of the best places to snag them is up in the 'cuello azul barrio' (blue collar neighborhood) in Oaxaca Centro at Tlayudas "El Negro"
Everything is cooked over wood coals ... perfecto!

I will also be in time for huitlacoche (corn funghi) in the corn fields and plan to eat mass quantities in many different dishes.

So every few days I will post and (depending on internet) send out a notification email prior to posting. 

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 ??  WHERE'S the CREW  ??
Katie is @ The Buckhorn and Vicky's
Jeff is @ Bear Mtn. Lodge
Sutton is making candy in Bayard