*** Please Read ***
After over 4 decades of cooking and sharing my love of food ... I am retiring.
Not an easy decision, but, it is catching up with me and my health comes first. Gonna miss this little out-of-the-way space. Gonna miss my most excellent crew, customers and just being in the space. Who knew that in 14 years this little cafe would have garnered international awards, NY Times write ups and such. The best part of the cafe is the people it attracted and how so many became family.
This is what I will miss most of all .. the "Cafe Peeps".

Grazie e vivere la vita.

 ??  WHERE'S the CREW  ??
Katie is @ The Buckhorn and Vicky's
Jeff is @ Bear Mtn. Lodge
Sutton is making candy in Bayard 

The cafe page will stay up, I will rework it down the line and it will become a Food & Travel Blog. It will also be used as a page for sharing private chef & pop-up cafe gigs.