The cafe will be closed from Sunday, August 21 till Friday, September 2.
I will be in Guatemala researching and collecting recipes, chocolate and chilies for the cafe. 

I will not have phone service till Thursday, Sept. 1
 There is an email link is on this page mid page .... right column.

Menus will be posted by Thursday - Sept. 1

* We are a small cafe and we are by reservation.*
We strongly request you call and reserve your choice with your reservation. Since each night is a different menu, we don't prepare mass quantities and hope it sells ... food is not rolled over into the next days menus. I shop daily and prep for that night's reservations only. 
Just a helpful insider tip!

If you are using a gift certificate, please say so when making your reservation. 

Gift certificates are valid for 3 months. 
Gift certificates are accepted for regular dinners ... not for special event dinners.

We also offer a 5% cash discount to defray credit card processing fees. This helps keep cafe prices down.

 Our "Torte del Chocolate" . . . beyond decadent!