Buone Vacanze  &  Buon Anno Nuovo

Since this weekend will be the last weekend of dinner for 2014, pretty much the entire weekend is about requests ... * poof * ... done!

The cafe will be closed between X-Mas and New Year ... re-opening Friday, January 2, 2015.

X-Mas Eve menu ~
Shrimp Cocktail 
With house cocktail sauce and our Fire Crackers.
Lemongrass Mesclun Salad 
Baby salad greens hit with our Lemongrass dressing.
Prime Rib Roast 
With garlic herb crust and horseradish sauce.
Scalloped Potatoes 
Yukon Gold potatoes with 3 cheeses & saffron.
Coffee & Duomo Tiramisu.
Dome shaped cake filled with zabaglione, mascarpone, espresso and liqueur. Covered in Oaxacan chocolate ganache.
Dinner starts at 6:00 pm @ Cafe 1zero6 ... it is booked.


To the menus ....

Tod Man Pla
Fish ground with Kaffir lime leaf, garlic, chili and spice. Shaped and pan fired. Served with spicy citrus sauce.
Saffron Crab Kroot
Little rice flour cakes with crab meat, coconut and scallion. Served with sweet chili sauce.

Lemongrass Salmon
Wild salmon filet marinated and spiced, wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. Hit with our fresh lemongrass sauce and served with a hot & sour herb salad and saffron Basmati rice.

Pork with Orange Tamarind Glaze
House cut pork loin chop marinated and grilled, hit with glaze of fresh orange juice, zest, garlic, tamarind and palm sugar. Served with corn cakes and a greens salad.

Roasted Pepper & Sausage Lasagne
A little house fusion with this dish of roasted peppers (red & NM green) layered with fresh pasta sheets, tomato balsamella, Italian sweet fennel sausage, fresh oregano and cheeses. Baked and served with a fresh greens salad.

Thai Empanaditas
Pork ground with ginger, garlic, chili and spice. Folded in fresh pasta sheets and oil fired. Served with spicy peanut sauce.
Num Kroot
Little rice flour cakes with shrimp, coconut and scallion hit with coconut custard and served with tirk salouk.

Shrimp in Garlic Sauce
A little fusion with this dish of wild Argentine red shrimp marinated in Shaoxing wine, tapioca flour, white pepper, nam pla and lotsa garlic. Wok fired and served over fresh spinach leaf and with Basmati rice.

Khmer Krom Ribs
Cafe favorite of pork back ribs rubbed with our Khmer Krom spice and special mop sauce. Slow roasted and hit with spicy glaze. Served with Kampot slaw and cucumber chili salad.
Limited ....Pre-order with reservation.

Saigon Noodles
Chicken and pork marinated in nuoc cham, oyster sauce and lime. Wok fired with garlic, bean sprouts, bok choi, bamboo shoots, asparagus and rice noodles. Finished with kecep manis, chili and coriander leaf.

Dumplings of chicken, pork, ginger and spice boiled and served with traditional sauce.
Vegan 1zero6 Rolls
A tweek on our house appetizer ... spicy soy "meat" mixed with chili, Saifun, garlic and spice. Rolled in pasta sheets and oil fired. Served with spicy dipping sauce. You'll never know there is no meat in this one.

Kaeng Khua Saparot
Those ginormous shrimp marinated and wok fired with seared fresh pineapple, garlic and fresh red curry paste. Simmered with coconut milk, fresh Kaffir lime leaf, tomato and basil leaf. Served with steamed saffron Basmati rice.

Lemongrass Linguine with Scallops
House dish of linguine tossed with our lemongrass sauce, chili and onion. Finished with seared spicy scallops and fresh herbs. Served with an Asian greens salad with Wafu dressing.

Nonya Spatchcock Hen
House dish of game hen marinated in Nonya spice paste with turmeric root, garlic, belacan, garlic, lemongrass and sambal oelek. Wok fired and then roasted, basted with tamarind and coconut milk. Served with saffron Basmati rice, our chili jam and vegetable.

Please read thread below ... thanks.
* We are a small cafe and we strongly recommend making a reservation. 
We strongly suggest you call and reserve your choice with your reservation, especially if your party is 4 or more ... or after 7:00, as we DO run out of popular dishes early, as other folks do reserve their choices.   All large parties (4 or more) must pre-order. I shop daily for that night only, food is not rolled over into the next days menus.
Just a helpful insider tip!

If you are using a gift certificate, please say so when making your reservation. 
Gift certificates are accepted for regular nightly dinner ... not for special event dinners.

We also offer a 5% cash discount to defray credit card processing fees. This helps keep cafe prices down.

 Our "Torte del Chocolate" . . . beyond decadent!