FYI .... the Cafe did close in March, I retired.

Back from Oaxaca ... "mi corazón está en Oaxaca".

Ate lots of great food, drank superb Mezcal and as the graffiti above shows ... had my mind blown!
It was a great trip, actually had a storm whilst there, second time in 25 years I have witnessed a storm with lots of rain and thunder coming in off the verdant mountains. Even the dogs on the Zocalo sought shelter under vehicles.
Met up with friends and connected with my favorite roving vendor, Rosario, who always has the best locally woven bolsas from the outlying villages.

Met up with my long time buddy, Pedro, from the village of San Juan Tietipec ... a Zapotec village outside of Oaxaca Centro. Had a fantastic dinner with him and his wife, Araceli and "The Hombrecito", Gael. We went to the village of Santa Maria Tule and I had the BEST carnitas ever!

Pedro gifted me Zapotec heirloom calabaza seed and frijoles negro from his village to plant in my garden next spring.

Since it was the rainy season, the corn was in the fields and there was Huitlacoche, corn fungus ... the Mexican Truffle. Found some in the Mercado Benito Juarez and went back to the apt. and made penne with huitlacoche, flor de calabaza with red peppers and Manchego cheese.

We had a little visitor at the apt. that came over 3 times a day ... her name was Penny. A red toy poodle that was so happy to hang with us for short visits.

This trip I explored the varieties and ages of Mezcal. One of the best places was a place called "La Popular" up on Santo Domingo Plaza. It was the only place open late Sunday night when we arrived. Had a snack and Mezcal. Went to dinner there the following night and had the best Camarones al Ajillo, along with Mezcal. After throwing back the last sip of my Mezcal, I noticed this on the bottom of my glass. I should mentioned, it was a 45 yr. old Mezcal.
Guess I had the best!

I do love the graffiti in Oaxaca. This was in the alley Quetzalcoatl, which was the cross-over to Garcia Vigil, en-route to the Zocalo in the morning for breakfast.

Eating establishments to recommend are: Seafood ~ La Popular (Santo Domingo Plaza) & La Red (one block behind the Zocalo). Breakfast ~ La Importador (on the Zocalo, ask for Pedro).
Lunches ~ in the Mercado on the Zocalo, Comida China ~ great buffet and amazing fried sushi, yes, fried sushi.
Afternoon cocktails ~ La Primavera (on the Zocalo). Also, snag a plate of papas fritas con salsa picante, waaay good!

Dinner ~ La Biznaga, La Popular, Zandunga, Tlayuda El Negro, La Primavera (Cubano) and for a day trip, Comedor Mary's in the village of Tlacolula.
Snacks ~ any of the food vendors out and about ... try the elote. 
Definitely try the "nieves" in the mercado, especially the tamarindo.

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