For people doing road trips within the state of New Mexico, there is a great book that just came out about food and where to find it in this state. It is the New Mexico Farm Cookbook [Sharon Niederman & Kitty Leaken ~ Countryman Press] .. it is wildly visual.

Balmy weather this week, puts me in a northern Cali frame .. leaning towards Japan-esque dishes, along with interior Mexican-Oaxacan. A cafe classic Italian dish and since the green chile season is starting .. 
our Green Chile Crab Lasagne.

 Friday night we start with with salmon Yucateca style steamed in banana leaf, a twist on a Japanese classic with chicken and a sake-miso glazed pork dish.

Saturday night a little Japanese-Mexican fusion with salmon marinated in Shiro miso, chili and garlic. Also, cafe take on an Argentine garlic pork with chimichurri and chicken glazed with orange, tamarind and chili.

Sunday night we start with first crop green chile in our Green Chile Crab Lasagne, a nice Oaxacan trout dish with garlic sauce and a hearty Pappardelle with Bolognese Bianco.

 NOTE: The cafe will be closed from Sept. 30th until Oct. 16th. I will be in Oaxaca shopping for the cafe and procuring recipes and other goodies .. and eating!

To the menus ~

Dumplings of pork, chicken, ginger and spice boiled and served with traditional sauce.  
Pa Pia Sod
Chinese style spring roll with a Thai twist. Steamed pork, shrimp, tofu, herbs and sprouts rolled in rice paper. Served with spiced tamarind sauce.

Salmon Pibil
Salmon filet marinated in achiote, garlic, citrus and chili. Folded in banana leaf with onion, peppers and herbs, then steamed. Served with camote and Mexican chopped salad.

Butaniku No Misozuke 
Cafe take on house cut pork loin cutlets marinated in red miso, Tentaka sake, koikuchi soy, ginger, palm sugar and spice, then grilled. Served with steamed Basmati rice and Sayur Urab.

Niwatori Katsu
Trimmed chicken cutlets marinated in Usukuchi soy, garlic, yellow bean paste and fruit vinegar. Pan grilled and hit with house made Tonkatsu sauce. Served over fine shredded cabbage with steamed Basmati rice and salad hit with sakura dressing.

Shrimp Puffs
Shrimp ground with garlic, chili, scallion, timur and egg white. Oil fired and served with citrus chili sauce.
Chili Crab Kroot
Little rice flour cakes with chili, crab meat, coconut and scallion hit with sweet chili sauce.

Miso Ginger Glazed Salmon
Salmon filet marinated in Shiro miso, ginger, garlic and tamarind. Pan fired and glazed with reduced marinade. Served with Nasi Goreng and cucumber salad.

Garlic Pork with Chimichurri
Pork tenderloin opened and pounded. Hit with lotsa garlic, olive oil and Bolivian Rose salt. Grilled while basted with marinade. Hit with fresh house chimichurri of green herbs, olive oil, garlic, chili pepper flakes and vinegar. Served with pan fired potatoes and a green salad.

Chicken with Orange Tamarind Sauce
Chicken breast marinated in agua de tamarindo, naranja agria, sea salt and garlic. Grilled and hit with sauce of orange juice & zest, tamarind paste and wild honey. Served with natilla de camote and a green salad.

Insalta Caprese
Heirloom tomatoes sliced and layered with fresh mozzarella and basil leaf. Drizzled with olive oil, Balsamic and black pepper.
Bruschetta Aglio   
Fresh hearty Italian bread sliced, grilled and hit with olive oil, garlic, herbs and our Pecorino Romano mix.   

Green Chile Crab Lasagne
Cafe favorite of fresh pasta sheets layered with crab meat, first crop NM roasted green chile, garlic balsamella and mozzarella. Capped with mozzarella and baked. Served with a green salad.

Trota con Salsa all'Aglio
Trout split and rubbed with lemon and sea salt. Spread with crushed garlic, butter, salt and green herbs, then pan roasted. Served with our green onion potato pancakes and a green salad.
~ sorry, sold out ~

Pappardelle Breve con Bolognese Bianco
Short wide pasta noodles hit with sauce of minced steak, pancetta, leeks, garlic and white wine. Simmered with a touch of cream spiked with nutmeg. Finished with Italian parsley and Pecorino Romano mix. Served with a green salad.

Please read thread below ... thanks. 
* We are a small cafe and we are by reservation.*
We strongly suggest you call and reserve your choice with your reservation. Since each night is a different menu, we don't prepare mass quantities and hope it sells ... food is not rolled over into the next days menus. I shop daily and prep for that night's reservations only. 
Just a helpful insider tip!

If you are using a gift certificate, please say so when making your reservation. 

Gift certificates are accepted for regular nightly dinner ... not for special event dinners.

We also offer a 5% cash discount to defray credit card processing fees. This helps keep cafe prices down.

 Our "Torte del Chocolate" . . . beyond decadent!