Summer is officially here .. mas inspiracion.
Some tweeking on cafe fav's and some new dishes are in the line-up.

Just a side note here ... when I make a new dessert, it does not mean that it is served every night. That dessert will go with the menu choices for that [particular] night. 

Friday night features an Asian  twist on our Shrimp Louie, also, a very savory Chinese braised chicken and noodle dish with aromatics and a spicy Thai beef salad.

Saturday night .. "Italian-esque".
A little fusion with a shrimp & Poblano chili Bolognese lasagne, Rigatoni with roasted red pepper sauce and Cevapi (house made Eastern Block sausage) and stuffed rosemary chicken breast with garlic balsamella.

Sunday night starts with an amazing noodle and caramel pork dish with Thai flavor notes, grilled garlic & pepper prawns with green chili sauce and a nice cool peanut sauce noodle dish with chicken braised in star anise.

To the menus ....

Dumplings of pork, chicken, ginger and spice boiled and served with traditional sauce.
 Hanoi Wara' Enab
Beef ground with onion, lemongrass, curry mix, chili, nam pla and garlic. Wrapped in grape leaves and grilled. Served with spicy dipping sauce.

Asian Shrimp Louie
A little house fusion with wild red shrimp poached and chilled. Served on a bed of greens with hard boiled goose egg, cucumber, pickled mustard greens, asparagus, spiced olives and heirloom tomatoes. Hit with spicy house made Sakura dressing and fresh prawn chips.

Thai Beef Salad
Steak marinated and grilled, sliced and tossed with dressing of nam pla, garlic, chili, lime and palm sugar. Served atop Bib lettuce with shallots, lime mint from the garden, basil, chili and coriander leaf. Steamed rice on the side.

Spiced Chicken & Noodles
Flavorful dish of chicken braised in stock, star anise, cinnamon, ginger, Sichuan peppercorn and other aromatics. Sliced and served atop noodles finished in braising stock with Shiitake mushrooms, chili and  fresh herbs. 

 Italian Empanada
Roasted eggplant, onion, herbs and spicy sausage folded in pasta sheets and oil fired crisp. 
Served with pomodoro dipping sauce.
Italian Summer Rolls
Fresh greens, cheese, roasted red peppers and salami rolled in rice paper and chilled. 
Served with house Wafu dressing.

Shrimp & Poblano Bolognese Lasagne
A little twist on a classic ... carrots, leeks, garlic, pancetta and chopped shrimp pan fired. Lightly simmered with wine, tomato and garlic balsamella. Chopped roasted Poblano chili is added and sauce is layered between fresh pasta sheets with ricotta, mozzarella and fresh herbs. Capped with fresh mozzarella and baked. Served with a greens salad.

Rigatoni with Cevapi
Stove pipe pasta finished in sauce of roasted red peppers, garlic, herbs and cream. Topped with grilled housemade Eastern Block sausage of beef, lamb, onion, garlic and herbs. Finished with our Pecorino mix and served with a greens salad.

Stuffed Rosemary Chicken
Chicken breast marinated in olive oil, garlic and fresh rosemary. Stuffed with Ciabatta, onion, spice and herbs. Roasted and hit with garlic balsamella. Served with crisp polenta squares and a fresh greens salad.

 Num Kroot
Little rice flour cakes with shrimp, coconut and scallion hit with coconut custard. 
Served with tirk salouk.
1zero6 Rolls
Beef ground with ginger, chili, yellow bean paste and saifun, rolled in pasta sheet and oil fired.
Served with dipping sauce.

Grilled Garlic & Pepper Shrimp
Large shrimp marinated in spice paste of white pepper, garlic , nam pla and coriander root. Grilled and hit with sauce of green chili, lime, garlic and nam pla. Served with steamed Basmati rice and mango coconut relish.

Crispy Noodles with Caramel Orange Pork
Pork loin ground with yellow bean paste, palm sugar and nam pla. Mixed with orange juice and garlic, then wok fired crisp. Tossed with crispy oil fired rice vermicelli, shredded spiced omelet, shallot, baked tofu, sprouts and fresh herbs. Served over greens with papaya shreds.

Cool Noodles with Chicken & Peanut Sauce
Chicken slow poached in soy, ginger, scallion and chili. Cooled and shredded and hit with kecep manis. Tossed with chilled noodles hit with sauce of  ground peanuts, tamari, tamarind and garlic. Finished with basil and chili slivers.

Please read thread below ... thanks.
* We are a small cafe and we are by reservation.*
We strongly suggest you call and reserve your choice with your reservation. Since each night is a different menu, we don't prepare mass quantities and hope it sells ... food is not rolled over into the next days menus. I shop daily and prep for that night's reservations only. 
Just a helpful insider tip!

If you are using a gift certificate, please say so when making your reservation. 

Gift certificates are accepted for regular nightly dinner ... not for special event dinners.

We also offer a 5% cash discount to defray credit card processing fees. This helps keep cafe prices down.

 Our "Torte del Chocolate" . . . beyond decadent!