Hoping for more rain ....
This weekend will have some new dishes and some that will be tweeked with a little fusion.
The weather will definitely be a factor, it gettin' sticky out there.

I want to thank all the new folks who are understanding the 'mo' (modus operandi) of the cafe. It makes my prep easier and the evenings flow. Thanks!

Friday night a cafe favorite ... Shrimp Louie with a little Japanese / House fusion ... and those ginormous shrimp. Also, a little fusion with our pork tenderloin hit with house spice rub, grilled and hit with raspberry smoky Pasilla Oaxaca chili. And a new beef dish from a cyber-buddy in Kuala Lumpur ... a family recipe.

Saturday night, again, with those ginormous shrimp with tamarind and garlic, grilled and served with spiced rice noodles. A cool velvet chicken salad with a honey miso dressing and finally, a little Oaxacan dish of pork chops with tamarind orange sauce.

Sunday, a saffron salmon with honey tamarind glaze and a cafe favorite ... Evil Jungle Prince.
 A northern Thai curry with pork, sans coconut milk. To finish the line-up, a new dish .. Turkey Chops with a coconut wine sauce served with sage and camote mash with mango chutney.

All and all ... some good eats.

To the menus ....

Summer Rolls
Poached shrimp, greens and fresh herbs from the garden rolled in rice paper and chilled. Served with nuoc cham.
Num Kroot
Little rice flour cakes with shrimp, coconut and scallion hit with coconut custard and served with tirk salouk.

House Shrimp Louie hit with Japanese fusion.
Those ginormous shrimp hit with sea salt and then poached and chilled. Served over fresh greens with hard boiled egg, pickled mustard greens, marinated cucumbers, heirloom tomatoes and black olives. Hit with house made Sakura dressing and served with fresh rice cracker puffs.


Pork Tenderloin with Raspberry Pasilla Oaxaca Sauce
Another house dish hit with Oaxacan fusion.
Pork tenderloin rubbed with our Chiapas organic coffee & Oaxacan chili rub, grilled, sliced and hit with sauce of fresh raspberries, THE smoked Pasilla chili from Oaxaca, garlic, onion, palm sugar and raspberry infused white balsamic vinegar. Served with spiced camote and vegetable salad.

Sate Babi
Steak sliced thin and marinated with galangal, fresh lemongrass from my garden, garlic, coriander paste, chili, patis and ground peanuts. Threaded on skewers and grilled. Served with Nasi Goreng and tomato salad.

Camote Samosa
Roasted spiced sweet potato mixed with peas and curry leaf, folded in fresh pasta sheets and oil fired. Served with coriander chili salsa.
Tod Man Pla
Fish ground with ginger, fresh Kaffir lime leaf (from our garden), chili and spice. Shaped and pan fired. Served with ginger lime sauce.

Grilled Tamarind Prawn with Noodles
Those ginormous shrimp marinated in Tamarind pulp, mushroom soy, garlic, palm sugar and toasted black pepper. Skewered and then grilled. Served atop turmeric rice noodles hit with garlic scallion oil, chili, vegetables and crushed peanut (optional).

 Pork Loin Chop with Orange Tamarind Glaze
House cut pork loin chop seasoned and pan grilled. Hit with sauce of tamarind pulp, fresh orange juice, garlic, palm sugar and orange zest. Served with saffron rice and vegetable.

Velvet Chicken Salad with Honey Miso Dressing
Classic Chinese cooking technique with chicken  cooked in Shaoxing wine, sesame, ginger, scallion and black pepper. Chilled, sliced and served atop greens with crisp braised asparagus, heirloom tomato and scallion. Hit with sauce of miso, ginger, garlic, honey and fruit vinegar.

Desert Scallops
Fish and shrimp ground with fresh Kaffir lime leaf , lemongrass and spice. Shaped and pan fired. Served with nuoc cham.
Rempah Ayam
Chicken ground with fresh curry spice, garlic, curry leaf and chili. Shaped and pan fired. Served with yellow curry sauce.

Saffron Salmon with Honey Tamarind Glaze
A new house dish of wild salmon filet marinated in garlic, saffron and citrus. Grilled and hit with sauce of wild NM honey, tamarind pulp, garlic and spice. Finished with coriander leaf and served with saffron Basmati rice and vegetable.

"Evil Jungle Prince"
Cafe favorite of pork tenderloin sliced and marinated. Wok fired with fresh red curry paste, onion, peppers, beans and other "jungle" vegetables. Hit with stock, nam pla and basil leaf. Served with saffron rice.

Turkey Chops with Coconut Wine Sauce
Turkey breast "chops" marinated in garlic, wine and spice, pan fired and hit with sauce of wine, coconut milk, chili, zumo de pina and stock. Served with mashed spiced sweet potato with fresh sage leaf and fresh house made mango chutney.

Please read thread below ... thanks.
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