The cooler weather has made me want to fire up the grill and make our wood grilled plank pizza. And since we are going there ... Sunday night will be 'Dago Night' with fresh hand made red pepper tagliatelle. 

Many dishes this weekend are requested and I enjoy this, as they are some of my favorites. Just glad the weather makes them a little easier to prepare.
Friday night we start with a birthday.


You always make sure I get the best, so ... as requested ... our Pistachio Crusted Salmon.
Also, wood fired Plank Pizza with red curry chicken and Lemongrass Ribs.
Saturday night features one of my favorite dishes from Oaxaca, beef tenderloin rubbed with our Oaxaca spice rub, grilled and hit with crema and mole. Also that night, a beautiful Khmer cured salmon and noodle salad. Finishing with one of our favorite house dishes .. Pork Tenderloin hit with spice mix and chipotle raspberry sauce.
Sunday night, fresh hand made roasted red pepper pasta with spicy Putanesca and shrimp. Also, in the line-up, our Seafood Pot Pie with puff pastry crust... and Rosemary Garlic roasted chicken from our Spaghetti Western menu.

A reminder: I will be gone from Sept. 29th till Oct. 16th. I will be in Oaxaca shopping for the cafe.

A quick note here: We book reservations (2 tables - 2 to 4 people) on the half hour. Larger parties (6 to 8) are booked once a night. Anything larger is moved to a private party venue, it is called organized booking.
This allows the kitchen [one man] to give customers and the server a good flow in the dining room without unnecessary chaos.
 Using trickery to get a large party in at one time is very disrespectful to the kitchen, dining room (other customers) and the server. 
We are not about quantity, this is not Applebee's. 
Respect is a two way street.

To the menus ~

Isaan Beef Sticks
Beef ground with northern Thai spice. Shaped and grilled and served with dipping sauce.
1zero6 Rolls
Pork loin ground with spices, Saifun and yellow bean paste. Rolled in pasta sheets and oil fired. Served with spicy sauce.

Pistachio Crusted Salmon
Salmon filet hit with mix of ground pistachios, citrus, garlic, herbs and olive oil, roasted and served with Basmati rice and grilled asparagus.

 Lemongrass Ribs  
Pork loin back ribs rubbed with our fresh lemongrass mix, garlic, chili and Sichuan pepper. Slow roasted and hit with spiced mop sauce. Served with Asian slaw.

Wood Grilled Plank Pizza
Spiced pizza dough grilled over wood coals and topped with grilled chicken, red curry sauce, onion, queso and fresh herbs. Served with a salad.

Saffron Crab Kroot
Little rice flour cakes with saffron, crab meat, coconut and scallion hit with sweet chili.
Camote Samosa
Sweet potato, Oaxacan spice and peas folded in pasta sheets and oil fired. Served with orange chili sauce.

Filete de Res de Oaxaca
Beef tenderloin rubbed with our Oaxaca spice mix, then grilled. Hit with crema and mole. Served with pan fired smashed garlic potatoes and a greens salad.
< limited >

Khmer Salmon & Noodle Salad
Salmon filet house cured and pan seared. Served atop salad of rice noodles tossed with herbs, cucumber, sprouts, chili, scallion and spicy chili lime vinaigrette.

Pork Tenderloin with Chipotle Raspberry Sauce
Pork tenderloin rubbed with our Oaxaca spice mix, then grilled. Hit with house sauce of fresh raspberries, chipotle chili, spice and fruit vinegar. Served with spiced mashed camote and tomato onion curtido.

Insalata Caprese
Heirloom tomatoes layered with basil leaf, fresh mozzarella, olive oil and black pepper. Drizzled with aged Balsamic vinegar.
Panne all'Aglio 
   Fresh crusty Italian bread studded with garlic hit with compound butter mixed of garlic and our Pecorino herb blend, then baked.

Pasticcio di Pesce  
Cafe favorite of mixed seafood (fish, shrimp, shellfish and crab) mixed with garlic balsamella, herbs and saffron. Topped with puff pastry and baked. Served with a greens salad.

Peppe Rosso Tagliatelle con Gamberi
Fresh house made red pepper flat string pasta tossed with sauce of San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, olives, capers, chili and pan fired garlic shrimp. Served with a greens salad.

Pollo all'Aglio Rosemarino
Half a chicken rubbed with garlic, fresh rosemary from the garden and olive oil. Hit with Sels de Camargue and roasted. Served with roasted potatoes and a greens salad.

Please read thread below ... thanks. 
* We are a small cafe and we are by reservation.*
We strongly suggest you call and reserve your choice with your reservation. Since each night is a different menu, we don't prepare mass quantities and hope it sells ... food is not rolled over into the next days menus. I shop daily and prep for that night's reservations only. 
Just a helpful insider tip!

If you are using a gift certificate, please say so when making your reservation. 

Gift certificates are accepted for regular nightly dinner ... not for special event dinners.

We also offer a 5% cash discount to defray credit card processing fees. This helps keep cafe prices down.

 Our "Torte del Chocolate" . . . beyond decadent!